People are well aware about the term of TIG welding as it is one of the main types that is used by many industries. Let us understand Tungsten Arc Welding in detail. It is a type of fusion in which an arch is formed between a non-fragile tungsten electrode and the metal being fused. Tungsten generates high temperature and it has high melting power as well as superior electrical characteristic, which is one of the reasons it is used for electrode.

Even though laser parts manufacturer welding may not be suits for all kinds of business requirements, it has lots of benefits. When you are handling a manufacturing business where consumer product’s appearance is one of the main important things, then the solo option has to be TIG. Some of the works that need code requirements such as piping; nuclear work and high profile consumer products regularly require at least the primary weld in the pipe joint to be TIG for an efficient connection.

Generally a MIG welder is not considered as much better quality as a TIG welder and it is one of the broadly accepted facts in welding technology. TIG is generally used for better quality bond. For example, a small work in a car engine that is made of 3.2 mm aluminum where MIG will be able to complete the work definitely faster but most of the engineers choose the TIG process because of its accuracy.

When a person has to fuse the material which ranges from five-thousand inch, then it is true that the ordinary methods may not be appropriate and even MIG welding might not be right because they will apply much more heat into the metal. When it comes to fuse thick metal, you should go for MIG or Stick welding because they can bond material much faster.

At the time when you are selecting TIG welding device, you must identify how much power and density are required for the job. It is also essential to find out the volume of your work that is currently on hand and the feasible business for TIG welding. The next thing you need to consider is the power source, whether you need AC or DC power.

Researcher and experienced persons say that there are two metals aluminum and magnesium that are best fused by utilizing the AC output from the power source. There are some other metals like steels and stainless steels are most frequently fuses with DC power.

When it comes to fuse a different variety of metals, you can use a combination AC/DC machine. TIG welding is mainly utilized for welding various types of alloys of aluminum as well as stainless steel where quality is given more importance. It is largely used in aeronautical constructions, in chemical industry and in the nuclear power industry.


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