The bulk of the research on MSM has been done under the direction of Doctor Stanley Jacob and Doctor Robert Herschler at the Oregon Health Sciences Institute in Portland. They have been examining the effects of MSM and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) for 40 years. In case you’re wondering what the connection is between MSM and DMSO–MSM is the major metabolite of DMSO with the added advantage that it remains in the body longer than sulfoxide liquid oz ml pharmaceutical and it does not produce sulfur’s offending odor.

Sulfur is as basic to life as water and air, and yet its value is commonly overlooked. It is the eighth most abundant element in all living organisms and plays and important role in human nutrition. As a matter of fact, it is an important element in more than 150 compounds in the body–tissues, enzymes, hormones, anti-bodies and antioxidants. Sulfur is stored in every cell of the body–particularly in the hair, nails and connective tissue of the joints and skin. Sulfur is an important structural component of the connective tissue that joins muscles to bones.

What is nature’s richest source of sulfur? Answer: MSM

Doctor Jacob’s research provided solid evidence of the power of MSM to perform important tasks related to joint problems. Because sulfur bonds are essential structural features in all connective tissues, sulfurous compounds such as MSM have tremendous potential to benefit people with joint-cartilage degenerative conditions. Although it remains to be studied more, MSM’s high sulfur content may also prove beneficial in treating similar diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and temporal mandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ).

One preliminary double-blind study conducted by UCLA School of Medicine and Dr Ronald M Lawrence, Assistant Clinical Professor of the UCLA School of Medicine, followed 16 patients with degenerative arthritis or joint disease. The patients who took MSM daily for six weeks reported an 80% reduction in pain. Only two of those taking the placebo reported decreased pain–20%. Doctor Lawrence received the Healthy American Fitness Leaders Award, presented by the president’s council on physical fitness and sports, as well as the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Before the dawn of highly processed modern diets, foods were an important sulfur source. Due to air, soil and water pollution, over-farming, irrigation, and deforestation, our food is severely mineral depleted. It is therefore very important that you replace these minerals–especially sulfur.

The best type of MSM to take are the raw crystals. It is the most bio-available and economical form. It is more economical to take higher dosages of pure crystals for therapeutic benefits rather than tons of capsules. Please make sure that your source is pure and does not have fillers as there are many sub par msm supplements on the market.

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