Here are FIVE AWESOME DATING TIPS on How to Talk to Women in Bars Easily

A 24/7 Attractive Man KNOWS how to talk to women in bars and clubs and attract them!

When you talk to women at a bar, always keep in mind that they’re NOT in serious mode. The experience of singing along to some bad-ass music from KISS, a few laughs, and four Jaeger bombs means they DON’T want to instantly know who you REALLY are. It’s all about fun times and that’s why women come to the bar.

1) Always appear BIGGER. What that means is, when you walk towards women, walk like you’ve got the biggest rocket in the room. Swing your arms more, barrel up your chest, and you’ll see that even if you’re a short guy, women WILL notice your presence versus all the wall flowers around.

2) The first thing to come out your mouth has to have the context of being funny. If you check out my How to Be Funny Guide on my blog, I have an entire article in there for you to follow. Other than that, pack your verbal gear with at least THREE of your most captivating stories, and by the way, the more outrageous, the better. Here’s an example:

“Is that a Flirtini? You won’t believe what happened to the last girl I dated who ordered a Flirtini….”
“That hat is SO “Euro”! I kinda like it, except for a couple of things that remind me of my last crazy vacation in Greece involving a Walrus and a sledgehammer…”
“This Bar… Actually reminds me of the most unheard of, but coolest damn hole in the wall at the most unexpected place in the world….”

Yes stories do kill rapport, but heck who needs rapport in a bar?? It’s all about fun and captivating a woman with stories. If you want more on that check my Instant Connections Formula free videos as well.

3) Learn the Playlist – its a given that at Bellingham Bar and hole in the walls, music is a big commonality to talk about. That’s why they have those old Jukeboxes still in effect. Approaching a woman singing “I, want to rock and roll all night!” by just singing it with her loudly works like a charm — if you know the music.

4) “CHEERS!” is the easiest way to make insta-friends. Tell them “to a better weekend than the LAST weekend!” sometimes I say “wow, I never thought the Saturday crowd was better than the Friday crowd! Cheerssssss!”

5) Provide value to her and her group by making allies with the leaders – its already a given that in bars, friends (especially girls) tend to “protect” each other from the hundred or so lame losers trying to talk to them. So, once you’re “in” you want to immediately figure out who the boss or the leader is in the group and instantly make friends with her first. Don’t worry about the target, you’ll get back with her once you’ve won over the leader. Usually this person is:

– The more reserved one of the group.
– The most observant one. Doesn’t talk much, just watches, and
– Knows the game plan.

So, once you’ve ascertained the leader, just say “hey, I never got to say hi, I’m Troy nice to meet you.” and just be a gentleman. Remember, to the leader (and cock blocker) of the group, there are only two types of men, scumbags and gentlemen. So, be a gentleman to her.

6) Games are Great – guessing games, bar tricks, or just plain challenging them to a game of darts or pool will definitely lead the interaction forward and the competitive nature will raise her attraction for you.


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