A CD DVD burner now comes as standard with new home computers, and that is good news because such a system has extremely high capabilities. Whereas CD media allowed us to archive our files, and effectively gave us unlimited storage, DVD media gives us the option of the same thing with less physical space taken up. Where cheap dvds excels is in the storage of video, and as that is becoming increasingly important, that is an important attribute to have. A combined CD DVD burner gives you the best of all worlds. It gives you choices.

CD media is now so cheap that it gives you the best option for storing important written files. Text files, Word documents and PDF files are so easy on memory usage that you can store a veritable library on one very cheap CD. The cheapness of CD means you can create multiple copies for extra safety. It also gives you an easy option for sending information through the post, and for having it put through doors as part of an advertising campaign.

CD is also still great for music lovers. There is now free software available which will rip the tracks from any CD and store them on the computer. There are also programs which will burn files to blank CD media, so you never need to worry about your expensive CD collection again. You can make perfect copies and play them as many times as you choose. You can take them with you when you go out and play them on your portable CD player. To do this, you need to burn an audio CD. A data CD will only play on a computer.

Creating such an audio CD needs a piece of software beyond the standard CD burner which is part of your operating system. Such software is readily available, and much of it is available as free downloads. DVD burning software is not free, but it gives you the capability of storing a far greater amount of data on a disc the same size. It also gives you the capability of handing video files. Video can be stored on CD, but it will only play on a computer unless it has been created as a video CD by paid software. Your CD DVD burner now gives you the possibility of creating DVD movies which will play in a standard DVD player.

If you have an older computer which does not have a CD DVD burner, or a notebook which has no disk drive of any kind, you can buy a standalone drive which will immediately give you the same capability of someone with a modern desktop PC. These drives are attached through the USB port. Modern notebooks have a very high specification, and do most things asked of them, but the need for a disc burner is often felt. That need can be completely satisfied with a CD DVD burner.


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