The number of people afflicted by this syndrome has grown in multitudes not only in the but globally. In fact, a more debilitating type of tinnitus called hyperacusis, where the tinnitus intrusive sounds is said to be amplified in the most painful unimaginable way.

However what can one do if his financial capacity or resources limit his tinnitus relief or treatment? Naturally anyone who is currently suffering from the tinnitus syndrome would want to avoid hyperacusis by seeking out every possible help for tinnitus available to them.

It’s quite noteworthy that there are organizations established or individuals dedicated specifically for the purpose of extending help for tinnitus sufferers.

In fact, your help for tinnitus can come in many forms. In case you would be interested some of the said organizations are detailed below:

1. The American Tinnitus Association

This is a non-profit organization whose aim is to undertake research studies about tinnitus, as well as disseminate the information needed by the health care professionals. The latter are those primarily concerned in giving help to the tinnitus sufferers in the US. The association is funded by charitable institutions and private donors including the Father of Tinnitus Maskers himself, Dr. Jack Vernon, PhD.

2. The Advocate Charitable Institutions Online

The organization is said to be a group of hospitals and caregivers committed to provide the best care available. They offer help in different forms whether as medical assistance or medical services for people who need it.

Even the simple task of finding a doctor or researching about a particular symptom, condition or illness will be accommodated by the online site. The website has a special section where a patient who needs to pay a Benzo Withdrawal medical bill or seeking financial assistance is provided an online tool where the person can place his request.

If in case you are unable to finance your cure, the website will provide help for your tinnitus by helping you apply for government funded programs that can give you health care benefits. The online advocate for charity institutes can also extend its help by assisting you with your application for their own Advocate charity care.

3. The Virtual Dreamer

The owner of this website suffered from chronic insomnia for 25 years and has since come up with CDs that helped him overcome his insomnia. He combined natural sounds and formed them into a relaxing storyline all told by sounds.

Encouraged and appreciated by friends who had the same problem, it was suggested that he offer these CDs online for people who are in need of cure or relief especially for the tinnitus sufferers. You can find your free soothing sounds readily downloadable at this site and this could be a part of the help for tinnitus you are looking for.

The site offers free downloadable Tinnitus Maskers you can load in your MP3 or burn on your CDs. The website owner calls his Tinnitus Maskers as Pink Noise and not White Noise, stating that there’s a big difference between the sounds. Where a White Noise sounds like a downpour, the Pink Noise sounds like cascading waterfalls.


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