Sooner or later you come to the situation where you have a problem, some information is missing or you are simply curious and would like to know the answer to a simple question. Since early 1990s there is one universal and almost unlimited source of knowledge – world wide web. There are billions of pages about every imaginable topic. For every question you may ask, there is at least one web page that has answer key Google certified educator level 2 to that question.

But having billions of pages is of no use if you can not find the information you are looking for. A solution to this problem are web search engines. They crawl all the pages and index them. They are collecting information about the content of all the web pages around the world. But even this huge database of all the web pages is of no use since there are thousands of pages on any subject. It is very difficult to find what you are looking if there are thousands of pages writing about your subject.

The key element in successful web search is to serve relevant results. This means showing only those pages that may have some useful content about the keyword you search for. This is a very difficult task. This is also the point where all the web search engines start to differentiate. There is one search engine that excels in every point of view. Google.

Google is currently the only search engine that maintains high quality of the search results. A key element of this success is the PageRank algorithm. It is based on the number and quality of the links to some particular page. Of course, there are many factors that contribute to the relevance of some page. Quality and unique content is probably the most important. The fact is that Google is able to provide relevant web pages for any query.

The key success in finding what you are looking for is using Google and right keywords. Keywords are the other half of the success. This means that if you are looking for some specific subject you need to find the right keywords to get relevant results. This is not an easy task. You should refine your search keywords according to the result you get. Simply open first few pages from the Google results and you will soon understand what keywords are related to your subject. All you have to do is to use them with your next search. This way you will come closer to the wanted page.

On the web you can find anything. All you need is patience and right keywords. Google offers a universal machine to answer almost all questions. It is a giant encyclopedia. All you have to do is to open it.

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